Design Solutions

Whether you are visiting the Robert Legere Design Center or one of our two retail locations in Asbury Park, you will quickly see why we are the best interior designers and remodeling firms in the Monmouth County area. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or are in need of interior design services, contact one of our expert design team members who can manage your project from concept to completion.

Why should I consider a kitchen or bath remodel with Robert Legere Design?
Beyond the personal attention, clients of Robert Legere Design can touch and feel products used in their design. Few, if any, design firms in this area have the vast array of lighting, tile, flooring, cabinetry, and countertop surfaces that best suit your project.

Why should I consider an interior design project with Robert Legere Design?
Our design team has over ten years of experience in transforming living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms at residences throughout the Jersey Shore. We are unique in that we are not locked into just a few brands, rather we select from a hundreds of manufacturers that we represent to best suit your project requirements. You can be assured that we can recommend the ideal product for your project. Best of all our design team is great at designing custom cabinetry when your project requires a custom built-in solution.

What to expect from an interior design project

On-Site Design Consultation
Members of our creative team visit your home or office to learn more about you and your life style, take appropriate room measurements and then prepare a complete set of schematic drawings for your project.

Design Review
Our clients visit the Robert Legere Design Center to review the design plan and discuss any questions or concerns with the concept. At this point, the design team discusses the integration of various materials for your project.

Material Selection
Once the design is finalized, you are invited back to the design center to review the materials selected. Here you will be able to see the cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and tile or flooring options for your project all at once. More importantly, if you need something altered, you can see additional options during that visit. No other design team provides the amount of on-site options as Robert Legere Design.

Final Walk-Thru
Once the project is completed, our design team does a final walk-thru to ensure that our impeccable standards are met, so that we have another satisfied client.